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Shaw's Choppers
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      Hey there! This is the bike my father and I built. If you like the bike, check out more pics at the pics page. Also, check out my links to other motorcycle pages.


Engine: 88 cubic inch panhead, dual plug setup
Transmission: 4 speed, kickstart only
Primary: open 2.5 in. belt w/ open clutch, mousetrap setup
Front end: Springer, stock length.
Wheels: Front- 21 inch spoked, Rear- 18 inch spoked
Brakes: Front- 11.5 inch disk, Rear- 10.5 inch disk

From the start we wanted to go with the old 50's bobber look. We paired a Panhead engine and a stock harley frame, with a four-speed transmission. A bobbed fender and springer front end were next. We then added a 3.5 gallon porkster tank and 18 inch apehangers. Coupling the two is a 2.5 inch open belt primary, and a 5 prong open clutch. After, we added a round oil tank and custom oil filter mounted on the rear legs, as a tribute to Indian Larry. The Panhead came with a dual plug setup, so we installed two coils and had that thing firing. A simple black solo seat, footpegs, and a mousetrap clutch setup finished it off. And as with all our bikes, we added the coyote tail. Now that's what I call a bobber.

Home | Pics | Links | Contact Me